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Any chance that the Sonos S2 OS will bring any new options to the hubitat integration? I'm specifically interested in the new "grouping" option in the S2 app, I was hoping that perhaps it would allow for HE to select a Sonos "group" as a target device in hubitat?

Honestly I have no idea, we're not quite sure where to go with our Sonos integration.

We are using the UPnP API which isn't officially supported, but (from what I have read) is still working with the S2 update...

We would prefer to update our integration to use a supported API, however the only supported API that's available is cloud based...

So making changes to our current integration is on hold for the time being


As always I appreciate your timely replies. I can confirm that the current integrations seems to be working fine with the S2 release, however it doesn't recognize the new "groups" option as a device (as expected).

Hopefully we'll see some news in the future as I personally find Sonos to be the best audio notification device for HE at this time.

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@halfrican.ak did you catch my post on the new Virtual Music player and Sonos App @Cobra created after my request? It allows you to create Sonos "Groups" in hubitat. I even made a Dash tile that mimics Sonos control in a HE dash. You might be interested in using it slightly differently, but I think it would help you out.

Take a look at this post.


I updated our Sonos system to S2 yesterday and it seems to be working well with Hubitat although we don't use the group feature a lot.

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