Sonos playTextAndRestore issue

Tbh, I don't know if this is up to Hubitat or Sonos itself, but see this scenario:

1/ you're listening to your favorite band on Sonos speaker
2/ you leave house, which stops the speaker
3/ washing machine finishes washing
4/ you come back home, which triggers notifications to be spoken out, method playTextAndRestore is called on Sonos to tell you "laundry is done"
5/ you say "Alexa, play"

What do you expect to happen? I'd expect it to play the last music it was playing before I left home. I'm not expecting it to say "laundry is done" again, which is what actually happens.

Can this please be updated, so playTextAndRestore doesn't restore only volume, but also track information?

Steps to reproduce:
1/ play anything on your Sonos speaker
Next steps are on Sonos device detail page in Hubitat
2/ press Stop
3/ press Play Text and Restore, Text = "laundry is done", volume 50
4/ press Play

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I noticed this too and here are my observations:
I use webcore as a rules engine which contains the play text and restore text command. You're right, sometimes I'll get the last song played, sometimes I'll get the washer cycle complete notification (and a funny reason why I no longer have this feature configured for my sonos deck speakers).

I can tell you that from monitoring the sonos app during this process, sometimes you can see the washer cycle complete notification sound queued up on on or more of my speakers. I know its an issue and I THINK its inconsistent but MIGHT have something to do with the complex way the groupings/queues of each of the devices works/interacts.

I would have to run further tests to validate 100% but I can definitely agree I've witnessed the same behavior enough to where I stopped routing my messages through sonos. I keep all the messages on echo now.