Sonos Integration not working correctly

Not sure if there has been changes but I am seeing my Sonos devices continuously drop off from HE since Sonos all have reserved IP addresses and appear in the Sonos app without issues. Thoughts?


dev:19712019-03-13 11:39:43.670 am warnConnection timed out (Connection timed out)

dev:19712019-03-13 11:26:05.910 am warnConnection timed out (Connection timed out)

dev:19712019-03-13 11:23:58.551 am warnConnection timed out (Connection timed out)

dev:19712019-03-13 11:21:51.191 am warnConnection timed out (Connection timed out)

dev:19712019-03-13 11:19:43.848 am warnConnection timed out (Connection timed out)

Haven't had any issues here 4 sonos devices all reserved IP addresses. Sorry I can't offer any help. Best option would be to email support, but I'll tag @mike.maxwell to make sure he sees your post.

there have been no changes

Hmmm ok will work with Sonos to see if there is anything going on since recent firmware updates.

I've seen no problems either.

Any update for this? I'm getting the same error now. I recently switched over my WiFi router and now there are new IP addresses for all my Sonos devices. I also cannot remove the Sonos App, just grinds away and nothing happens.

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Were you able to resolve this? I can't uninstall Sonos either.

I had exactly the same issue - it's a bit of a nightmare changing WiFi router and reconnecting all the sonos.
I struggled to delete Sonos devices from HE, and then it was impossible to remove Sonos integration App, that is until I tried something I read in an earlier thread! Use your iPhone - go into HE Hub via iPhone and the Sonos Integration App was deleted in seconds!

Then went back to desktop - re-installed sonos integration App and rediscovered my Sonos on the new WiFi. All good so far, BUT now the Sonos Integration App is hanging after I have discovered my sonos speakers - Click next and nothing happens!!

Does anyone have any ideas? tips? suggestions?

Many thanks

Can we bump this thread. My Sonos devices drop off often as well. I have to do the discovery phase again, and then go delete the old ones that no longer work. I have a combo of wired Sonos and wireless ones. They all behave the same way with regards to dropping off HE.

This sounds like a network related issue of some sort, too short of a dhcp lease, not enough addresses, dont know exactly, all I can say is that I have 10 sonos devices half wifi, half ethernet, with maybe 4 of them on static dhcp reservations and i have never had to do a rediscovery on them, more than half of them have been on line for three years.

So I might start with setting a static dhcp reservation for them in your router.

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