Sonos Integration and text to speech

I had Sonos integration working such that I can do text to speech with arm/disarm of alarm. However I had a power outage and it stopped working. I removed the Sonos device and app. then reinstalled. Seems the integration can control the stop/play/volume settings of my speaker, but text to speech doesn't work. This is via the device page in habitat. However, my Sonos app on my phone itself sees an error when I do this. "Unable to connect to" is what comes up on the phone app. No idea how to resolve. Thanks

It sounds like the Sonos speaker’s IP address changed. Always best to reserve an IP address in your router’s DHCP server to prevent the address from changing. Also a good idea for your Hubitat hub as well.


yes that makes sense why it drops after power outage. The router is reassigning IP address on boot up. I locked the IP address now, removed device, app, and reinstalled. still, looks like I can control volume/pause/play so its connected. But text to speech continues to show error. strange.

That is strange. You might want to reach out to

This is a self-assigned IP address. It means that when your Sonos speakers "booted", they did not receive an IP address from the DHCP server (probably your router).

The simplest solution will be to restart your Sonos speakers (un-power, power-up) now that your router is up and running.


unfortunately, exactly same result. I delete the devices, uninstall app, then physical unplug all the speakers for a minute or so. reinstalled app and still I can control pause/play/volume, but text to speak giving same error...

Sonos Integration, hyphenated device names, and power outage ...Oh my!

So, one of my (c4, ver Sonos TTS speakers was inadvertently unplugged for 2 days. We noticed that it had dropped out of TTS. Originally, it had a hyphenated device name, "Bedroom-Sonos" but the logs showed device name un-hyphenated. Error: No route to host (Host unreachable). I changed the device name to un-hyphenated, re-searched devices on the Sonos Integration. It went back to working. Suspecting trouble with special characters, I changed the other hyphenated speaker to "Den Sonos" though it had been working. It continued to work after the name change. Oddly, when I went to make the change, I found It had been renamed "Den-Sonos Sonos" in the device table. Still, it never failed to do TTS. Fine, everything's working, go to bed.

This morning, "Bedroom Sonos" had dropped out again. But there were TWO "Bedroom Sonos" labels in the logs. One was spawning ' No route to host (Host unreachable)' errors when I tried TTS from the device page, the other stayed inactive. As I had suspected, something had created a duplicate device in the database. I renamed the one in the device table to "Master Bedroom Sonos" and rebooted the hub. Upon reloading the device table there were now two entries for the same speaker --"Bedroom Sonos" & "Master Bedroom Sonos"-- I deleted the obsolete device name and went through my apps & rms to reassign the call to the 'new' device name. Seems to work.