Sonos - how to resume previous track after playing xyz.mp3

Dear Clever Community :slight_smile:

I have sensors on doors and when these register an 'open' I want Sonos to play xyz.mp3 - that works fine :+1:t2:

BUT if the Sonos is e.g. playing a radio station when the door opens I'd like the Sonos to resume that station after having played xyz.mp3 - that I cannot get to work?

In Rule Machine I have tried set, resume, restore etc. but it seems that I can't crack this one by myself ...

Try "Run Custom Action", "Music player", select your Sonos, "playTrackAndRestore", parameter type "string", then your filename.

I don't have any MP3s handy to test with, but I've tested this with "playTextAndRestore".


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