Sonos Errors Since Updating to

I see 6 different devices, and 4 different line numbers which could mean that there are at least 4 different drivers in play here. So let's start with, what drivers are giving you the errors?

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For a little context, the Sonos driver (or integration) didn't get a change since 2.3.2. I have almost a dozen Sonos devices and I am not seeing the same issue. Please make sure that the hub is able to see the Sonos devices on your network.

I confirmed all Sonos Devices are using the built-in driver:


Last Activity times are all six minutes ago so Hubitat appears to be communicating with Sonos Devices.

Errors are occurring for both wired and wireless Sonos Devices.

Can you roll back the platform version and confirm its a issue?

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I'm hesitant to modify my production setup but have a spare hub that I could roll back.

I believe Hub Mesh is enabled. Should I disabled it and add the Sonos Devices?

no, that's not causing the issues.
Other than the errors are the speakers working from Hubitat?

These errors have ceased. I believe they were the result of the combination of a Hubitat update and Sonos update.

Moral of the story: reboot everything and wait a week to see if issues resolve themselves.

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