Sonos Disconnect

Has anyone had issues with Sonos speakers disconnecting from Hubitat during a power outage? Any easy solution to get them to reconnect?

I have two Sonos One's connected as a group to my HE. I've been working on the lights on the same circuit as my computer; and have had to flip the breaker numerous times over the past few days. I know, I'm an idiot for not unplugging and powering down everything first... It's just the way I roll :wink:

So my computer, my two Sonos, the HE, my modem/router... all lose power for up to 30 minutes before being restored. Once restored, everything comes back as it was previously. No manual intervention is needed.

Do you have any information in the logs? Go to Apps -> Sonos Integration -> Show App Details (the cog wheel in upper right corner). I'm not exactly sure what this page might tell us... but here is mine for comparison.

I just setup 2 sonos yesterday and both were working... the now report disconnected
I am able to play music from the iphone app....any one have a suggestion...i love how they work with Hubitat ....(if they will stay on)

I deleted them, switched the router to only 2G and re-setup -working...will see for how long

Sonos disconnected again...anyone had any ideas
its on the same router as the hub