I've seen posts about this before, but no resolution, or any discussion is too complicated for a beginner like myself to understand.

I have a rule setup that when the front door opens, it has SONOS speakers say "Front Door Open"

But if music is playing, SONOS does not resume the music. If I hit the play button it just keeps repeating the same message.

I tried one person's suggestion to test the capability with "Play Text and Restore", but the speaker did not play any text.

Another issue I'm having is when the announcement is made, I have it setup to announce on multiple speakers, but they don't go off at the same time. It's like a weird echo a few microseconds a part.

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I figured out why it wasn't working, I already has the HSM sending out a warning and forgot to delete it when it created the rule.

But I'm still having the echo issue. And the announcement is really delayed. Any intruder could make it to my bedroom by the time it tells me the door is open.