Sonos and TTS stopped working

@mike.maxwell So today my TTS over Sonos using Rule machine started speaking two messages every time some of the contacts opened. Example. When I would open the front door it would say "The front door has been opened the kitchen garage door has been opened". I verified that the kitchen contact was closed, and it was. Then I noticed it started doing that with other contacts as well. After looking at the speech rules and re-saving them, I noticed it was no longer speaking on the three sonos zones I had selected in the rule. It was only playing on one zone.

I checked the rule, and all three zones were still checked. Looked at the Sonos integration app and all six Sonos zones were listed, but the dropdown only showed three of the 6 zones selected. I re-selected the missing sonos zones and closed the Sonos integration app. Now in Rule Machine, each sonos zone is listed twice.

Going to try deleting the Sonos integration app, and reinstalling, then reselecting the Sonos's in the rule.

Forgot to mention. First thing I tried was a reboot through the software.

If the sonos device does not report back that the transport has stopped after the tts message is complete, then when the next tts message comes in, the driver sees the transport state as playing, then thinks it has to restore the previous track, which in this case is the last tts message...

The remainder is confusing me, you have a total of 6 actual Sonos speakers that were discovered by the integration?, and they all show in that list with different names correct?
Any when you initially set this up, you selected all 6 in the integration app?

From the description it sounds to me like three of the speakers received new ip addresses from your router, and at that point their ability to to connect to Hubitat would have been lost.
Were any of these turned off or unpluged?, or were there any wifi changes preceding this?, were any of them switched from wifi to ethernet or visa versa?

Also, it's generally a good idea for these types of devices if you configure a static dhcp reservation in your router, that way no matter what they will always use the same IP address.

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Ahh, thats probably it. Internet was slow yesterday so I restarted the modem and router.

Yes, 6 different sonos zones. 2 play amps, 1 play for preamp tuner input, 1 soundbar, 1 play 3, 1 play 5. All had unique names. Yes, all 6 were selected when discovered.

I will configure static IP's for them.

Thanks Mike


I reinstalled the sonos integration app and now all Sonos speakers are showing up in rule machine with no double entries. Back to how it should be!

I went into each rule and re-selected the sonos speakers I want to play the TTS.

Still getting the double TTS messages. Not every single time, but around half the time.
I am not convinced it is just restoring the previous track. Reasons are:

  • It is always the same TTS message that is repeated "Kegerator door has been opened" attached to the end of any of the first TTS messages.

  • If a door plays the TTS correctly. It is not the TTS message that is appended to the trailing end of the next TTS message. Example: Opening garage door would say Garage door open. Then if I open the rear slider it would say "Rear slider open Kegerator door has been opened." All of these TTS messages are using the same three speakers.

  • Seems to be contact specific. Example if I turn on a virtual switch that I call "Announce Upstairs Motion" using a wallmote, TTS speaks "Movement detection on". If I wait a minute then turn the virtual switch off TTS speaks "Movement detection off Kegerator door open" almost every single time, but only when turning off.

Im seeing exactly the same issue, I have a very simple rule that plays 'alarm has been armed' and 'alarm has been disarmed' message through sonos speakers. Sometimes it plays both one after the other.

What I did notice was that if the sonos was already playing something it would be fine..

It's almost as if it is trying to resume playing when nothing was playing in the first place and therefore ends up repeating the previous TTS message..

there's some bug fixes in the next release that should address these issues


there were some instances of track data that were crashing the restore, which would leave the previous TTS message as the last played track...

any luck with this one?

there's a patch in the next release, I can't verify if it fixed the issue or not since I'm not able to replicate it with the sonos devices that I own.
So we shall see!



I tried, after upgrading the HE to last FW yesterday to make a RM rule to play a message to Sonos.
It works, but just keeps repeating the message, until I stop it on the device manually.
Here is the log:
dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.693 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.690 tracerestoreLevel:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.675 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.668 tracestatus changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.665 traceuri changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.637 debugenqueuedUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.633 debugtrackUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:57.630 debugtrackNumber: 1

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.921 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.918 tracerestoreLevel:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.916 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.913 tracestatus changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.911 traceuri changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.888 debugenqueuedUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.886 debugtrackUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:56.883 debugtrackNumber: 1

app:602019-12-30 11:59:50.474 debugIn motionSensorHandler (v2.1.7) - Motion Name: Xiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall - Status: inactive

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.457 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.451 tracerestoreLevel:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.446 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.441 tracestatus changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.437 traceuri changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.406 debugenqueuedUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.400 debugtrackUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:50.395 debugtrackNumber: 1

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:50.285 infoXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Reset to motion inactive after 61 seconds

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:44.000 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:43.997 tracerestoreLevel:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:43.995 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:43.992 tracestatus changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:43.989 traceuri changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:43.967 debugenqueuedUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:43.964 debugtrackUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:43.962 debugtrackNumber: 1

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.549 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.546 tracerestoreLevel:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.543 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.540 tracestatus changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.537 traceuri changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.513 debugenqueuedUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.510 debugtrackUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:37.506 debugtrackNumber: 1

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.846 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.844 tracerestoreLevel:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.841 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.838 tracestatus changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.835 traceuri changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.832 infoLiving room Sonos audio level is 22%

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.585 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.577 tracerestoreLevel:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.574 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.571 tracestatus changed:playing

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.568 traceuri changed:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.541 infoLiving room Sonos playing: Hi, there is registered motion from the hall detector 11:59, 11:59. Beware! by Hubitat from TTS

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.525 infoLiving room Sonos is playing

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.519 debugtransportUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.516 debugenqueuedUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.513 debugtrackUri:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.510 debugtrackNumber: 1

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:31.030 debugnot parsed:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.962 debugnot parsed:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.880 tracelevel changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.877 tracerestoreLevel:22

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.874 tracerestoreTrack:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.861 tracestatus changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.847 traceuri changed:false

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.844 debugnot parsed:

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.840 infoLiving room Sonos audio level is 22%

dev:62019-12-30 11:59:30.777 debugnot parsed:

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.842 warnIn whosHere - handler: motion - canSpeak: no

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.830 debugIn getTimeDiff - ********** END - 1 - Roger **********

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.827 traceIn getTimeDiff (present) - Roger - globalBH: beenHome - Home too long (12). No home announcements needed.

dev:192019-12-30 11:59:29.824 debugIn Home Tracker Driver - sendDataMap1 - Received new data!

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.810 infoIn getTimeDiff (present/unlocked) - Here we go!

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.791 infoIn getTimeDiff - Roger - Starting as - timeDiff: 12 - pSensor: present - globalBH: beenHome - handler: motion

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.788 infoIn getTimeDiff - returned from whichPresenceSensor - pSensor: present - lastActivity: 2019-12-30 11:47:49.54 - fName: Roger - sendDataM: sendDataMap01 - globalBH: beenHome

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.785 debugIn getTimeDiff - ********** STARTING - 1 - Roger **********

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.782 debugIn whichPresenceSensor - pSensor: present - lastActivity: 2019-12-30 11:47:49.54 - fName: Roger - sendDataM: sendDataMap01 - globalBH: beenHome

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.756 debugIn whichPresenceSensor (v2.1.7) - Checking which Presence Sensor: 1

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.753 debugIn getTimeDiff (v2.1.7)

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.740 debugIn whosHere (v2.1.7) - motion

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.735 debugIn motionSensorHandler - active

app:602019-12-30 11:59:29.732 debugIn motionSensorHandler (v2.1.7) - Motion Name: Xiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall - Status: active

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.506 debugXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Creating event [name:motion, value:active, isStateChange:true, descriptionText:Detected motion]

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.500 infoXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Detected motion

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.445 debugXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Message payload: 01

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.427 debugXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Parsing message: read attr - raw: B8C70104060800001801, dni: B8C7, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0406, size: 08, attrId: 0000, encoding: 18, command: 0A, value: 01

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.417 debugXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Creating event [name:illuminance, value:178, unit:lux, isStateChange:true, descriptionText:Illuminance is 178 lux]

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.407 infoXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Illuminance is 178 lux

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.404 debugXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Message payload: 00B2

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.401 debugXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Parsing message: read attr - raw: B8C70104000A000021B200, dni: B8C7, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0400, size: 0A, attrId: 0000, encoding: 21, command: 0A, value: B200

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:29.398 debugXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Data type of payload is little-endian; reversing byte order

app:602019-12-30 11:59:22.757 debugIn motionSensorHandler (v2.1.7) - Motion Name: Xiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall - Status: inactive

dev:102019-12-30 11:59:22.582 infoXiaomi Aqara Motion-Lumin-Hall: Reset to motion inactive after 61 seconds
Kind regards,

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