Sonos and Spotify using Play Text And Restore doesn't work

I have a Sonos speaker and can:

  1. turn on Sonos radio from my phone
  2. go to the device in HE, type "test" and 40 into the Play Text and Restore, and hit it.

It works as expected - it changes the volume to 40 and says "test", then it resumes what it was playing at the original volume it was playing at.

If I have my Sonos play Spotify radio instead of Sonos radio and do the same thing, after the speaker says "test", the speaker then reverts to the beginning of the first song (even if you are 20 songs in).

Does anyone know why this is? Is this a bad implementation by Spotify or something else? Has anyone gotten around this behavior? I see that some people host a local sonos http server, but would that even help?

Yeah I use to have the same experience pretty annoying. I ended up just using dedicated sonos's for tts but that got old fast. Then I paid someone to write an app for me for tts to sonos works perfect now.
I think it has something to do with the way sonos implements something on their end not sure though.

Anyone else have a fix for this? Sounds like it is actually fixable. I did look through the sonos api and didn't see anything sticking out. Would love if someone knew how to do this, because restarting a queue every time a voice notification goes out is maddening


any luck with this?

No, really sucks. I'm regretting my sonos choice - one, because of this bug. Two, because I just found out they are SUPER bad on privacy, even if you 'opt out' (which basically stops streaming from working).

I probably have the ability to troubleshoot it, but it would take hours that I just don't have. I'd be more apt to just buy something else. Any suggestions from anyone? I just want speakers I can plug in and use to speak messages. I don't want mics, and I don't want cloud functionality at all, just basic speakers for only local notifications.

I hear ya. My current solution is to have all alerts spoken over google home minis that I've collected over the years, but a simple "play message and resume" would negate the need for this redundancy of speakers in each room. Sonos is pretty bullet-proof aside from this. I KNOW it's possible as it used to work for me on Smartthings - not that it's Hubitat's issue because a Sonos API upgrade broke it too. I then thought the issue was Smartthings, which is why I switched to Hubitat. Though I'm thrilled on all levels with the switch, I now realize that bug wasn't on ST, but was on Sonos.