Sonoff ZBMINI and Echo / Alexa

Forgive me if this has been presented and answered. If so, I could not find it. I am just getting my feet wet with Hubitat and so far I really like it. Now for the topic at hand:

Is there a way to add the Sonoff ZBMINI to Alexa for voice commands without using the Sonoff/Wink app? Trying my best to keep things local. I have Sonoff ZBMINI working well in Hubitat, just want to add voice commands.
Thanks for you time and patience with a Rookie.

Yes, with the amazon echo skill, see all the devices you want and you can control them by voice.

If the device is paired to Hubitat, then you can use the Hubitat Alexa skill to control the device with your voice.

Note that there’s no way to integrate locally with Alexa, since she exists in the cloud. Meaning that while your Hubitat hub can control the switch locally, any voice command to an echo device will go through the cloud to get to your hub.

Thank you!
I had previously added a Z-Wave deadbolt to HT and to Alexa. So I thought I "got this".
I successfully added the ZBMINI to HT and could control it.
At a loss of where I was missing a step so I created this topic.
I went over the doc at the link you provided. Still was missing something (for me). However, it did lead me back to the HT App for Alexa.
Then I saw it. "Select Devices". Sure enough the ZBMINI was there.
Thanks for helping. That is almost embarrassing.
I am not sure, but the doc seems a little confusing... i.e.:
In the section Manually adding Amazon Echo Skill app to your hub
Step 3 doe not mention to click on the Select Devices box to get the list of devices. I kept thinking all devices would just appear below one I already had - Front Door.
That's a wrap. Thank you very much. Your response let to my solution.

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