Sonoff ZB Bridge (Hub)

requesting a bit of help once more.
Flashed Sonoff ZB Bridge with Tasmota .. and set the "template and module" to "Sonoff Zb Bridge (75)"
everything works fine... I can click on "Zigbee Permit Join" and pair a zigbee device and it connects to the Sonoff Bridge.

my problem is : how do I connect the newly flashed Sonoff ZB Bridge into Hubitat Elevation and how do I obtain the inoformation from the child device (device that's sending the data)
I used Tasmota Device manager but it only discovered the Parent device ... again...what am I doing wrong?

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I pretty sure the Tasmota drivers won't work as they weren't written for use with the ZB bridge.

There is the RF bridge drivers but you would need to modify this and create new child drivers depending on the way Tasmota parses the zigbee messages the devices send.

hi at9
any ideas on how to do this?

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Sorry I wouldn't know how to actually do it.

is there anyone out there that has a Sonoff Zigbee Hub connected (linked) to HE..???
I have 2 Hubs ...I would like to connect my zigbee devices to this hub and also use it as repeater to the HE hub

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This is not possible.

You can use your Sonoff ZB mini with Home Assistant or zigbee2mqtt and use various integrations to use sonoff-paired zigbee devices in HE. But those devices and the bridge will remain a separate zigbee network.

Has anyone found a way to integrate the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with tasmota to HE? it would be a great addition, it could be used as a controller or repeater, IDK, i am no developer or programmer, but can someone look into this?

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@aaiyar mentioned two possible ways (homeassistant and zigbee2mqtt) to integrate devices paired to a sonoff bridge.

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did any one manage to do it with Pro?

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