Sonoff Yunton WiFi Smart breaker

Does anyone use these ? I am trying to find a Virtual Device I can use in association with them

I have over 20 of them linked via "smart life" app. I am trying to pull them into Hubitat.

many thanks

Same answer here as for the Sonoff, I'd get a jig and flash them with Tasmota. No soldering needed that way. Others might have experience integrating them in other ways?

If they use the smart life app they are tuya devices not sonoff so you maybe be able to use "Tuya convert" to flash tasmota OTA.

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Yes, I should have thought about that... With all the talk of all the devices where it doesn't work now I've stopped thinking about it as a solution :stuck_out_tongue: These are not recent devices, they definitely should be able to do that.

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Thank you for this, I've had a look at this video YouTube again it's time I don't have. When I first bought my Alexa's I ran out and bought loads of stuff I never really needed. Now of course I wish I had bought the correct units the first time round. :wink: