Sonoff WIFI S31

Just purchased this to monitor washer and dryer for energy use. I cannot find an app or driver to attach to Hubitat. These are Sonoff WiFi S31 plugs, that monitor energy use.

The list of compatible devices can be found here:

I suspect this devices is not supported. If you’re lucky, someone that has the ability to develop drivers might be able to create one - assuming an API is available…

Thank you, well looks like they will be returned.

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For appliances like this I would recommend a heavier duty device like the Zooz ZEN15.


I kind of wish someone would develop a small paste-on sensor (not unlike this) that could accomplish the same by detecting whether an appliance's LED status light was lit. LED goes off, it sends an OFF update to the Hubitat. Drying done!

Could even contain a rudimentary vibration sensor in order to learn wash cycles, interpret a buzzer sounding, etc.

UPDATE: Turns out, someone already did! See following reply for info.

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