Sonoff TX Light Switch Support

I have just received some new Sonoff TX (US) 3 gang and 2 gang light switches, I have ordered my HE and it should be here in a couple of days. I wanted to find out how I would set these up to work with the HE. Thanks all

sadly i have the same problem, HE dont have direct support of sonoff stuff you will have to flash it with tasmota firmware if you want to use it with HE and then you will have to make some config, the other option if you dont want to work with tasmota its to use an integration with ifttt linked to your user account in the ewelink app (the app that controls the sonoff stuff ) and then the add it to the hubitat using an app and a virtual button etc etc... a pain... i just ask in the forum of feature request an easy way to use it like homeassistant does.....

I am trying to get the Sonoff TX 3 gang light switch to work in Hubitat, I have flashed them with erocm123's tasmota version and have it working in Hubitat (sort of), but I don't know which drivers to use as it either only allows me to turn on the first switch, or all 3 turn on if I select 3 ch driver. Not sure how to get this working any help will be appreciated.

You should post this question in the [Release] Tasmota Sonoff Hubitat Driver & Device Support or whatever post you selected the drivers from.

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