Sonoff Temp Sensor doing presence!

Has anyone seen this? My SNZB-02 temp / humidity sensor ONLY reports presence. I have tried all 3 drivers for it listed, one from hubitat and 2 user. The hubitat version reports only battery. The other 2 report presence and battery only.

Could they have put the wrong chip in it?

No. The authors of those other drivers use the Presence capability to indicate if that sensor is on your zigbee mesh or has fallen off.

I wish they would have used a custom attribute for that.

Without deleting the device, reset it and pair it very close to your Hubitat.

I am sending it back, it will not reset. I held the button for much longer than the 5 seconds they say to do, no lights.

I will try pairing it closer but why would I need to? I pair all my zigbee devices in my office which is in a strong are of my mesh as the repeater is in this room

Pairing is when the device shares the most amount of information with the coordinator. If your mesh is genuinely strong (as indicated by LQIs from repeaters to the coordinator), then you should not need to pair it close to the coordinator. Under any other circumstance, it is a good idea to pair close to the coordinator and then move the device to its final location.

I have a huge stick up my butt about this issue as well! Presence, to me, is not a device active function, it's a 'within range' function. I think of presence as a cell phone coming and going out of a Geofence, or something like that. A device thats plugged into the wall or a button style stick on sensor in the bathroom is NOT going to get up and walk away!

That said, when I brought the topic up once - the response was 'there is no device active capability' or something to that effect. I wrote my first driver because of it driving me nuts.
I also have used and modded other peoples community drivers and disabled the capability. By using a combination of Device Watchdog (a staple app for everyone IMHO) with a Rule for 'devices that need checking'. (I call mine the 'Rarely Used Group') I turn on everyday the weird devices in my network that don't get used that often. In this way, the Device Watchdog reports only devices that truly have decided to go sideways.
As to the Temp sensor not giving any temp back - it sounds as if you've already started the swap it process - I have aqara sensors that had a similar incorrect result - my adding the @birdslikewires driver my aqara devices (I have 3) all stopped being problems. I realize Aqara is not Sonoff, but it's possible, as so many things do this, that changing the driver often fixes oddities. just a spoken thought for next time!

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As used in these drivers, it doesn't even measure device activity. It simply indicates whether the device is online (i.e. part of the mesh) or offline (dropped off the mesh). This could be done with a custom attribute, except it would have to be one agreed upon by all those developers who make use it.

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