Sonoff support as of now?

Good morning everyone,

Just ordered HE and have been wondering of the possibility of using Sonoff Basic/mini flashed with Tasmota to modify my current light switches into "smart" ones.

All the topics / video I have been seeing are like a year old, has anything changed as of now? Will I still be able to flash the wifi sonoff's with Tasmota and use them for automations with Hubitat?
Also do I still need to buy the usb to ttl serial cable to flash Tasmota? or will I be able to do it OTA as of now?

Thank you!

Flashing tasmota still working fine.

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Be careful, while they DO work, the first time something goes wrong, you will be advised to remove all 3rd party drivers from the hub. If I had known this when getting started, I would have never purchased anything but officially supported devices. In a effort to save some cash I screwed myself

They only ask for that to rule out as many possible issues as possible since it adds more complexity when troubleshooting. Disabling them has the same effect and won't have to go through all the recreation hassle.