SOnOff SNZB-03 stop working after an hour or less

So after my Hue Bridge. I decide to install a SOnOff motion sensor (SNZB-03) on HE
Everything started amazing. Working with no issues. But suddenly stopped working—no idea why.
The thing is that the device is not changing the state (Not sure about the device itself or the communication)
This happened several times, so I reset the device, and I paired again. Worked for an hour (not sure the exact timing)
My problem is, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. I changed the drivers and reinstall the device and reset HE, aside from that. No idea.

Any suggestions?

Current States

  • battery : 100.0
  • batteryLastReplaced : 2021-02-16 18:25:39
  • driver : v1.0.1.1123b
  • lastCheckin : 2021-02-16 18:25:40
  • motion : inactive
  • notPresentCounter : 0
  • presence : present
  • restoredCounter : 0
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How robust is your zigbee mesh? How many zigbee repeaters/routers, and how many end-devices? And how far is this sensor from your HE?

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How robust is your ZigBee mesh?

Just started, no devices connected directly to this ZigBee mesh, only this new device.
I have another Hue hub with 7 bulbs and 2 switches right now

How many zigbee repeaters/routers, and how many end-devices?

Only HE and no repeaters.
end-devices Only this movement detector.

And how far is this sensor from your HE?

around 11m with 2 walls (I am installing the front door lights)

Thanks for the docs. I am reading carefully.

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That’s the issue. 33 ft with two walls is quite far for a stable connection.


Thanks @aaiyar just order 2 smart plugs that are repeaters. I will post back in 2 days.

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I also just put in one of those at a client's house.
They came with low batteries: use a multi-meter, and if it's not the same voltage as a new battery - get rid of it.


I have an update @aaiyar and @jtmpush18 And the winner is.... Both!!!

I check the batteries and the numbers didn't look right, so I change the battery for a new one (I am not an expert but the new batteries give a 3.1 right the way). I was able to pair the device putting it close to the HE but when I put it in their location start to fail.
I added the new socket and pair the motion sensor again and is working for a while :slight_smile:



Just as an FYI, Sonoff is NOTORIOUS for having half dead batteries out of the box. I bought an 8 pack of door contact sensors and ended up having to replace every single battery because they were all almost dead.

Side note, what driver did you end up getting to work for those motion sensors?


Have the same issue, did you fix the problem? in my case I have the sensor about 6 ft away from the hubitat hub

I change the batteries and everything become normal.
The devices don't report the correct battery, sadly. And they come with a not full charge battery.
Plus the repeater in the middle.