SONOFF SNZB-02 Temp/Hum Sensors

I purchased five of these. All five of them have stopped reporting any changes. I am using the "Sonoff Zigbee Temperature/Humidity Sensor" driver. I have a total of 37 devices on my hub; and all other devices work properly.

They haven't reported for the past 10 days:

I have them set to report every five minutes:

And the logs don't show much except for me hitting the "configure" button a few times:

The last screenshot, you can see I repaired the device (at 10:24); and it gave one quick temp update... and nothing since.

I've seen quite a few posts where these things quit responding after a while. I've tried clicking the little button on them to "wake" them, but that does nothing either. I have other zigbee relays and contact sensors on the same network that have no issues.

Any ideas?

I have four of these scattered around the house.
They were connected to my C7 and now are connected to my C8 hub.

I just checked them and all of them have reported in within the last hour.

I have mine configured to report back on 0.5C temperature change or 1% humidity change, to preserve battery life.

Do you have any repeater devices between the sensors and your hub?

I tried those settings as well, as those are the "recommended?" default settings. But even then, I did not receive changes.

I do not have any repeaters. I would say the furthest sensor is maybe 25 feet from the hub. I live in a quad level house; and all sensors are in the hallways going up through the five levels of the home. Interestingly, other zigbee devices do not have the communication issue. The sensors did report correctly for the first couple days.. then they just stopped.

I'd be willing to try a repeater just to rule it out. What would you recommend? One of the plug outlets?

What other zigbee devices, including brand, do you have connected to your hub?

You may already have some devices that could be acting as repeaters.

I've used Ikea outlets for repeaters, but now use Third Reality outlets for repeaters since they are more compact.

Also, most of my smart bulbs are from Ikea, and those also act as repeaters (as long as they have power).
The smart bulbs I have from Sengled do not act as repeaters.

The hub can only connect to 32 devices unless you add repeaters to the mesh.

The contact sensors are 3rd reality.
The temp/humidity are Sonoff.
The motion sensors are 3rd reality.
The door locks are Kwikset.
The relays are Zooz zen-51.

It's definitely less than 32.

That's possible. I didn't know about this. I'll look over the products I already have and check.

Looking at your device list, the battery operated contact/motion/temperature devices do not repeat.

The Sengled Element Classic bulb does not repeat.
The Zooz is z-wave, so won't help the zigbee mesh.

Your locks might, but they are on the lower floor.

What are those multi-endpoint switches?

Brother, you are sharp! Thanks for your time. Apologies for missing those.
3 are Kasa TP-Link HS200 Wall Switch
2 are Kasa TP-Link HS220 Wall Dimmer Switch

Lol. Yep, you're absolutely right. I got confused.

This is what one of the KASA devices looks like. I never liked how it created multiple devices for a single wall switch...

They also advertise as Wi-Fi... so not sure why there is a zigbee entry??

I do have the KASA integration app installed on Hubitat. I'm assuming something there is making those connections.

Based on what you have, I'd say your best bet would be to get some smart outlets.

I know that the Ikea outlets and Third Reality outlets act as repeaters.

I've also used Sonoff S31 zb lite outlets in the past that also worked as repeaters.
I removed them from use as they weren't ETL rated at the time (newer versions are).

I will absolutely give it a try.
I'll order tonight, and post back once installed.
Thanks again for your time. Please have a pleasant weekend!

I have (3) Innr Smart Outlet Plugs that are working well as a Zigbee outlet and as a repeater.

(BTW, I also have (5) of the Sonoff Temp/Humidity sensors and they work well too.)

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I use these for repeaters:

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Thanks guys. I bought a pack of each.
I don't have a specific need other than seeing if the repeater helps; but I'm sure I'll find something to plug into them.

In the meantime; I went ahead and "re-zigbee'd??" all five sonoff devices. They were already recognized as devices (obviously), and also logged the communication routes/packets/clusters information.

Here's a screenshot from a few minutes ago. The only questionable one right now is the basement, which hasn't reported in about 12 hours.

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That's some really nice graphics on that dashboard.

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Lol... Honestly, I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not, but thank you :slight_smile: It's a stock hubitat dashboard; but with a little trick I learned here on the forums about using "half" tiles. I doubled the amount of rows my screen can handle; and halved the height of each icon. Thus, a 1x1 effectively becomes a 2x2. This allows me to have "half tiles" for things like time, temp, humidity, etc.

Here is the full dashboard:

And here is a dash I made for my fire10 that hangs by the door. I used a bit of custom css and javascript on this one. Pushing one of the text links at the bottom loads the appropriate section of tiles.


No sarcasm at all. The half-tiles thing is really nice.

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Those half tiles are pretty cool.

I'm going to have to try those out when I build out my dashboards again.

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I just realized the one sonoff temp humidity sensor I have is no longer reporting temp. It is reporting humidity with no issue. perhaps it has gone bad.

I moved it from a C7 to a C8 on Saturday and there was a temp report right after I added the sensor, and none since. Humidity and battery reports are still being seen, however. Guess I will try re-pairing when I get home tonight.

So, while I'm waiting on the repeater plugs... I played around with the sonoff devices. I repaired all of them; and they were reporting regularly. I then changed the reporting intervals on two devices to "humidity every 1 hour" and "temp every 5 minutes". This is when both devices started not reporting at all. Switching them back to the default "humidity on 1% change" and "temp on 0.5 degree change"; and they started reporting again.

Even when they report regularly; the temperature might only update once or twice a day. I know that can't be right. I need something that can report on a time interval (every five minutes) so I can automate other devices. The way these currently report; the temp is far too infrequent.