Sonoff snzb-02 more reliable than Xiaomi Aqara?

Curious if people have had better luck with the Sonoff’s than the Xiaomi that seem to be very finicky (dropping off the mesh, disliking certain repeaters, etc).

Have 4 of the Xiaomi’s I’d like to replace. Shame is the sonoff’s are so ugly compared to the aqara’s.

I haven't had any problems with mine, and I think that staff consider them standard Zigbee devices (unlike Xiaomi/Aqara), meaning they felt comfortable including a built-in driver for them and likely don't expect there to be any problems. As you know, there are widely-reported problems with the Xiaomi/Aqara devices that can be mitigated only by using "compatible" repeaters, of which there are known to be very few.

That being said, the temperature/humidity sensor is the only Xiaomi device I still have left on my network, and I haven't had any problems with it, despite no longer caring what repeaters I use. :slight_smile: So, they might be less tempermental than the rest to start. But I have several Sonoff sensors, too (replacing all the cheap ones with those was my plan) and also no problems with those. Luckily, they are not easily visible where I use them, so I don't really care how they look.


Funnily enough, I was thinking just the opposite. Xiaomi sensors seem to be fine with any zigbee 3.0 router, and the number of powered zigbee 3.0 devices available has risen quite a bit in the last year.

I have seen Xiaomi devices route through:

Innr zigbee 3.0 plugs
Innr zigbee 3.0 bulbs
Sonoff smart plugs
All the cheap zigbee 3.0 outlets that are $20 a pair on Amazon

I would still never recommend their use with Hubitat.

So I have a few tradfri outlets I bought specifically for my Xiaomi stuff, but I’m tired of having to re-pair them when something happens and they decide to change routes.

I have decommissioned all my Xiaomi contact sensors and swapped to Ring Gen2’s. I’d prefer Zwave temp/humidity but there aren’t a lot of options and they’re all pretty expensive.

I have four of the aqara temp sensors, but getting them to stay active is just annoying. I migrated to my C-7 and 3 of them dropped off shortly after repairing, and 1 that is inches from the hub kept working.

If the sonoff’s are standard zigbee... and yeah, I thought I recall the HE peeps showing the sonoff’s in the last webcast. Just wish they weren’t so ugly. Would be even better if there was some firmware update to the aqara’s that made them standard zigbee. :confused:

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guess only thing the sonoff's don't do is barometer. but I don't use it for anything anyway.

ordered. Guess I'll see how they do (and just how ugly they are). =)