Sonoff SNZB-01P not staying connected to C-8

Re not widely used in US

Is this discussed elsewhere? Hubitat sell globally, they should be testing this.

This is only my personal observation/opinion.

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The usual way is to ask Hubitat engineering team to add the new device... If they can't obtain it locally (not all devices are available in the US) they can ask to loan the device for the development needs.

You mentioned you have a C-5 as a backup - did you try pairing the SNZB-01P to the C-5 hub?

I don't have a C5 hub anymore, I sold it. I just have the backup file

@mike.maxwell please could you add this device, the Sonoff SNZB-01P, to the "Sonoff Zigbee Button Controller" driver. Is this what you need?


Every time I try to re-pair it seems to get stuck here


If during the unsuccessful pairing you open in a new tab in the browser Settings -> Zigbee Details -> View logs - do you see new devices NWK id's similar to the picture posted here?

No, just the 1 device shown

Do the the timestamps shown on this log page correlate with the timestamps on the device page (as in your example above)?

Yeah, in this case


Each 1 of those configures is an attempt at pairing

What is the driver currently assigned to dev:941 ?

The built-in Sonoff Zigbee Button Controller. I tried your driver too but it also didn't work


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Use the HE inbuilt drivers only, to remove any uncertainties from the equation....
If you change the driver manually to the HE inbuilt driver named 'Device', is there any difference when you try to pair the same device again?

If you quickly click on the Get Info button (Device driver) right at the time when the device is re-discovered again during the pairing attempt, does it happen to obtain any response from it in the live logs? ( ZCL version, device fingerprint, etc... ) ?

This is the live log when pairing as 'Device'

The Zigbee Logs did show something else whilst doing the above

Then when switching to the inbuilt Sonoff Button driver it will pair, then allow me to press the buttons a few times, then drop off

Just found an unused Sonoff SNZP-01 (the original square one) that I forgot I had, pairs first time using ...


@kkossev would it be possible to add the SNZB-01P to your driver please then I can try that? The SNZB-01 paired first time picking up your driver. The fingerprint details are posted above

I got both SNZB-01P's connected :joy:

I checked my Hue hub and it was on ch 20, same as Hubitat, switched HE to 26 and both buttons now say connected. The downside is several Zigbee devices haven't reconnected so I will try repair those

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I have a C7 hub. Unfortunately, I also am having issues where the button stops responding after a few seconds

Have you got any other Zigbee hubs/routers nearby that could be interfering? If so check their Zigbee channel is not the same as your HE

some very strange behavior.. I finally got the device to work consistently. After initial pairing, it would assign the default driver 'device'. I change it to the 'Sonoff Zigbee Button Controller' driver, and save. I then have to re-pair it. When it recognizes that it is already paired, I close the tab without clicking on any links. The button stays responsive. Weird.