Sonoff NEW Tiny WiFi switch, now fits in wallbox, but can we Taz it?

Just saw this at gearbest for 6.59. Looks very small and perfect for wall switch boxes. Once mine comes I'm going to see if I can flash tasmota or EricM's firmware, as I did with sonoff basic.
Here's thread for tasmota & sonoff

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Why the heck doesn't Sonoff ever make anything that doesn't need flashing before it's damned useful. So irritating.


to be fair to Sonoff it all works fine in their app!
it is only the fact we want to use it outside of it's ecosystem that means it requires flashing!
the fact it "is" flashable is a huge plus! so much stuff, isn't and when the ecosystem behind it fails (or you don't want to be a part of it) you are left with an expensive brick
I have lots of those!
hats off to people like Sonoff and Xiomi for making things like this possible at least :slight_smile:

Quick Guide & User Manual

I don’t know about that my friend. I’ve only ever bought one Sonoff device. Their fan controller 2. When I got them and looked at the quality of the circuit traces and the cheap relays they used, I had reservations about putting them in my fan canopies. I decided against that. I know you are a bit more savvy than the average consumer here for sure.

I think I would give stronger pause before embedding such a low cost device behind my light switches. If that were to burn up behind the light switches, flames could go straight up your wall. I get that low cost attraction and I actively participate in those type of purchases, but you should maybe think twice about this one. Just some friendly advice.

One thing that manufacturers of low cost devices will skip out on is the flame retardants in the plastic. Just some food for thought. Be safe :v:t2:

On a side note, that looks like the identical size to the Xiaomi dual relay, which is flame retardant plastic and has good quality relays as you know. Maybe better to spend the extra dollars for such an application.

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Good call. The cost of remediation can leave a sour taste after the memory of a sweet deal wears off. Servers in China? Yikes!

Earlier SONOFF devices were not the best of quality, these Mini are really well made. I have a lot of them and they are great with Tasmota on.