Sonoff Motion Sensor Inactive after no motion for few days

I have Sonoff Motion sensor that keeps going offline/inactive after 1-2 days without any motion happened in the room where it was located, tried basic troubleshooting like remove device reinstall, used 2-3 new batteries already, my zigbee mesh is solid since everything else on zigbee is working in the room i.e temp sensors sonoff, but this motion sensor by sonoff keeps becoming inactive and stop reporting to the hub. For the record, the sensor is locally working when there's motion a red light flashes once. but it seems the hub didnt catch it. The room next door also having the same issue. please advise


Can you please describe your zigbee mesh? Specifically:

  1. How many total zigbee devices?
  2. How many zigbee repeaters?
  3. Post a screenshot of this page (http://hubitat.local/hub/zigbeeGraph)

These statements would suggest that your zigbee mesh is not robust.

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Sorry for the delay, I had captured the mesh networks:

Today the motion sensor has become inactive and not communicated with the hub again. After roughly a day with no motion in the room.

The mesh snapshot currently:

Any advices are very much appreciated

@user5693_ABu what happened later, is the Sonoff motion sensor working?

Yes sir, but in my personal observation this sensor fell asleep too many times and after 24 hours, the HE seems didnt receive anything anymore from it, though with new batteries. So to save the time, I migrated to 4 in 1 Tuya ZY-M100.

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