Sonoff flashed with tasmota help

Hi, i flashed my sonoff ifan04 with tamota and i've added to the tasmota devive manager app but i can't get the fan to do anything, i do see this error on the logs

dev:5482023-06-27 20:46:26.763errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_driver_tasmota_Tasmota___Universal_Fan_Control__Child__814.on() is applicable for argument types: () values: []
Possible solutions: run(), run(), any(), any(groovy.lang.Closure), is(java.lang.Object), run(, [Ljava.lang.String;) on line 633 (method toggle)

i can get the light to toggle on and off but no fan control, not sure what i'm doing wrong lol


Can you see the Tasmota GUI when you type in the IP address of the Sonoff device in a web browser, and turn on/off the fan?

Yes thats all fine, lights and fan work.


when i change the speeds on this page i get nothing, if i use the tasmota web Gui and turn on the fan the status does change

not sure if the staus should show timed out

What version of Tasmota? In any case, this is the integration to use:

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Dows cycle speed work?

Nope nothing at all

You’ve flashed Tasmota 13, but appear to be using Markus’ OLL Hubitat drivers that require a custom version of Tasmota.

I think you need to use drivers by @garyjmilne that I linked to earlier. They will work with regular Tasmota.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Im travelling with just my phone.

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Aaiyar, thanks for that info i've now installed that and got the fan working :wink:

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