Sonoff devices

guy i really need some help. i have brough 1 of each of the following...

1 sonoff door/window sensor
1 sonoff motion sensor
1 sonoff Temperature & Humidity sensor

and i cannot get them to connect to the hubitat. i reset the device, push zigbee pairing and nothing. on all three devices. i really hoping that these work due to the fact i got SHELLY motion sensors and they are not discoverable by HE.

i have tried installing drivers, and in all honesty i got no idea what im doing.

What are the model #s for the devices youโ€™re trying to pair?

I just added 10 of these last week. The instructions don't say it but I held the pairing button until the LED blinks red and all of them paired easily.

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they are:...

yeah, i push the "start zigbee" and then push the pairing button for 10secs and still nothing

Sorry if this is too elementary, but did you remove the pull tab from the battery?

I have several of those. They are cheap made but they work. On one of them, the battery was loose and did not make contact. I Had to open it and reset de contacts. On another one, the the pcb was not set properly so the reset hole was not align with the button inside therefore inserting a pin would not reach the button.

Yeah when the reset button is pushed it flashes. Also had to take the thing apart to get the paper tag out

Are you in direct range of the hub? What channel are you on? How many zigbee repeaters do you have?

I'm probably about 10ft from the hub, channel no idea tbh. And no repeaters as of writing this but I am due a IKEA repeater today.

I have a couple of those scattered about the house.

Both paired right away.

I just pushed the reset button until the LED flashed, then started the discovery process.

So is there any solution yet? I'm relatively new to the HE and have no idea from coding and all that stuff neither do I understand where or what to search for if I want to get all this working...

If the drivers you talk about work, can you post a link to those in here?
I'm planning to buy some sonoff sensors but I have no idea if I get them to work.

i did have trouble setting the sonoff sensors at first, but once i had updated the Hub they paired almost instantly, they are great sensors, i only have Ajax Online motion sensors to camopare them too, but they are both great.

ATM i got
4 Sonoff Motion sensors
4 Ajax online Motion Sensors (Only 3 Online ATM)
3 Sonoff Temp & Humidity Sensors

A few Smart things multi sensors and sonoff door contact. all work great and paired easily.
idid get some shelly motion & door contacts before i got the HE but cant get them working on here

Did you have to write or post some drivers for that or do they pair easily without?

in all honesty i have only been doing it for a month or two, i dont remember adding any drivers but there are drivers in the drivers tab, i cant remember if it done them my self or done through package manager... sorry