Sonoff button

Hi everyone, I have got a sonoff button that has rules assigned to them. And the third is not being used.

Now the plan is instead of adding another button just add this to the current button if possible.

I need it to turn on a switch when held. And then turn of that switch when held again.

I have tried looking in the forum's but I can't find anything.

If anyone can help or direct me that would be greatly appreciated.

Button Controller app should do what you want

Ok that's in the built in app part?

Yes. Click add built in app then scroll till you find it. Very easy to build your rule

Basic Rules built-in app can also very simply set these up. I literally just added a Sonoff button this morning. Supports the pressed, doubleTap and held (as I'm sure Button Controller does). You can use one rule to "toggle" the switch when the button is held instead of separate on/off rules.

Ok thanks. I'll give this a go when I get home thanks for the help

Do you mean that you have apps (automations) set up with an existing button and just want to use this "new" button for the same purpsoes? If so, the above suggestions are apps that could create such automations in the first place, but it sounds like you already have something set up. To make it do what you want (if this is indeed what you want), you could just add this new button as another device to that existing app. How you do this will depend on that app, but Button Controller lets you choose multiple buttons to "trigger" the automation, so that would definitely work (or, as suggested above, is a good place to start creating such an automation for any button if you didn't already have something).

An alternative (if you're using 2.2.6 or later or using a button driver that implements this regardless of version), you could just write a rule that calls the push() command on your "original" button device in response to a pushed event on the new button. This is basically a way to create a virtual/digital button event that should wake/trigger all the same apps (rules, etc.) as a real/physical event without you needing to modify each of those to add one.

woosh that went straight over my head lol.

You are correct I have a excisting button that are using the click and double click at the moment. The hold function is not in use so that's the one I'm wanting to utilize

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