Somfy ZWave Blinds (Dimmer)

Can you check in the device page itself and make sure that it reports open/closed and partially open. Open should show a level/position of 100, closed would be 0. widnowShade should report it's status. It will be here:

I've committed your changes and credited you in the original code. So your code should be identical to mine now. Thank you again.


Yes, it does. My state variables are bit different than your though for some reason?

Eventually dashboard catches up with the state but initially the button dashboard color doesn't change (see below). A force refresh after a few minutes does the trick. With OOTB driver, the state/color changes in real time.

Hey @DevOpsTodd thanks for including my simple update. Turns out these two declarations shouldn't be there. It causes dups and makes the startPositionChange not work properly. Just need to code sections and not the command lines in metadata.

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