Somfy ZRTSI RTS 16 Channel Z-Wave Drivers?

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with the generic shades driver and I’m hoping someone has a workaround. I have a Somfy ZRTSI RTS 16 Channel Z-Wave controller I’ve integrated into my setup last year while still on the wink platform. Migrating to hubitat has bought new challenges which I’ve been able to resolve except for this.

I’m able to get the controller paired with HE with no problems but the generic shade driver is only capable to open or close the shades. I can’t set it to a specific position. Anyone run into this, Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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ZRTSI can't really set a shade to a specific position since the type of Somfy shades it controls don't send back information about their current position. It's a one-way interface. Personally, I'm using a generic z-wave dimmer device type and set the dimmer position to 50% to go to the custom position you would use the shade remote's Stop button (when it isn't moving.)

The ZRTSI can accept "Up" (On), "Down" (Off), and "Stop" commands though but I haven't found a driver that supports the Stop (to stop a shade that is currently moving up or down.)

Alex, I'm trying to get a ZRTSI to lower two Somfy's each night and raise them in the morning. I have the ZRTSI paired to the HE hub as a generic Z-Wave shade device. I would think that I would use a Rule Machine rule to perform the daily tasks but am a bit lost. Can you tell me what App you use to control your ZRTSI?

I’m still having issues. I suspect they are related to the zrtsi not reporting the correct position of the shades. I’ve been procrastinating on calling somfy support. Will try to call them this week.

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