Somfy ZRTSI commands are backwards

I am using the ZRTSI driver here: [RELEASE] Somfy ZRTSI

The problem I am having is that open and close are backward for my Sunsetter awning. How can I reverse these? Is it a simple as swapping on() and off() in the function code here:

void open() { on() }

void close() { off() }

I guess it is because that worked, but was it the right way to fix it?

This was discussed in another thread (for the other ZRTSI driver). At the end of this post I have a link to that other driver and discussion. I use the driver you linked to in your original post for our 6 Somfy Glydea drapes (well, 5 drapes plus one group of 2 in the bedroom that operate in unison).

In my opinion, the way you fixed it may work for you, but is not the way I would have done it.

The Somfy Glydea drapes RTS interface in the motor can be set to have the motor turn counterclockwise or clockwise for the open command, and turn the other way for the close command. The reason for this setting is that the motor can be mounted on either end of the drapery track, so “open” requires a different direction of motor rotation depending on the mounting.

The advantage of changing the setting in the motor rather than the driver is so, whether used on drapes or shades, regardless of mounting, an “open” command always does the same thing (open) on each motor, on each handheld Telis or Decoflex control.

With the way you have done it, if you put in another device (drapes, etc.), some might open on open, some might close.

Here is the link to Denny Page’s (@dennypage’s) Somfy ZRTSI driver. Near the end is a discussion on this same point, and he added a preference for reversing the motor direction. Both drivers are excellent and work fine. I use Justin Walker’s (@augoisms’s) because it can send the Somfy “My Position” (same as “Stop”, but sends drapes to a preset position if sent while drapes are not moving), and also because it is supported by Hubitat Package Manager (HPM).

Here is the link to Denny Page’s driver:

In your case, if you want the driver to do the reversing of the commands, I would advise that you use Denny Page’s driver so that you would be using a standard, supported driver, and thus get any updates that come along. While Justin Walker does support his driver, you will have to make your same change whenever he updates his driver.

The motor is correct. The buttons on the standard wireless remote work as they should: down opens it and up closes it, so I loaded the other driver and set the reverse motor direction and all is well. Thank you!

FWIW, my driver is also supported with HPM.

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I am using your driver now and it works perfectly, thank you.

I've updated the driver to support My Position.

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