Somfy zdmi zwave

Has anyone integrated a Somfy zwave ZDMI unit into their Hubitat? I see that the only device listed for somfy is a button controller (?). Any thoughts on how to integrate a ZDMI?
Thank you

If you already have the ability to control your awning (or blinds/curtains) with an RF remote control the Bond Bridge works great to control Somfy motors. Sorry, I don't have experience with ZDMI, but I can confirm that this works perfectly. And there is a built in integration for it.

I already have the ZDMI hooked up to my Vera system, which I am transitioning from to Hubitat. Need to stay with the zwave approach.
Thank you

Fair enough. Hope someone can help. It's definitely not on the list of supported devices, and nothing is returned when you do a search here in the community. But, if anyone has a clue, they are here in

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Finally set it up as an on/off switch. Off to close shade and on to open shade. Works fine , except no ability to stop half way.