Somfy door sensor

Hey everybody, I'm new to this community so first of all thanks for all the info, work and partecipation.
I'm form Europe and I'm waiting my HE, so I'm looking for info about products, in particular for somfy security sistem and their doors sensor. I think they work on zigbee's frequency. My plan is to use them as triggers for automation while they serve as security sensors, hopefully not messing around with somfy security hub.
Does anyone already use them in HE? do they need drivers?

If they’re paired to your security system how will you get them into HE ??
It is VERY VERY unlikely that you will be able to pair one sensor to 2 hubs !!

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Thank you @njanda for your answer. I'm super noob here so I guess I'm already learning new lessons XD
So what can I do to have a good security sistem with HE?
Doors sensor, proximity sensors, cams and a loud syren are my must have. Maybe with a keypad for entering code and notification to my phone.
I know tha HE can do it but how can I protect it from power loss, jamming, internet loss and all other bad thief's idea

Hello and Welcome!!!

HE is more of a general home automation system. Yes you can do it if you want but it will take time to develop, extra cost for all the devices necessary - with lots of potential issues/frustrations along the way. A well designed integrated alarm system is probably better if security is your immediate goal.


H E is not a security system

Hey @erktrek, thank you
I get your point... I guess that I want too much!!
I just don't want to be overkilled by app, hubs and sensors everywhere. but as you say, at least for alarm system I'm realising I've got to set up a parallel hardware.

We all do!!!!! :laughing:

Maybe your system has some sort of interface or API you can hook into with HE?


I'd recommend you go with a DSC1832/1864 security system with an Envisalink module if you want to use alarm sensors for home automation. There is a community integration which accomplishes this and works well.

I'm not sure what's available in Europe but here in North America these systems are easily available and at a reasonable cost. You can have a professional install them or do it yourself quite easily.


no system here right now. this is my first day! :exploding_head:
I'm from Europe so we don't always have access to the same products, that's why I was considering Somfy hoping that can be tweak in, but I keep door open to any advise...and not only for security system!

thank you...I will looking for it asap

Alternatively, you could just go with whatever security system you want and then put some additional Zigbee sensors on your door to integrate with Hubitat.

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That's the easy way but you gave me a good starting point with DSC1832/1864