Somfy Connexoon Windows RTS integration

Does anyone know if there is any work being done on integrating with the Somfy Connexxoon Windows RTS hub? Apparently it supports IFTTT so that might mean it would be easy to develop a driver for it (just pure speculation as I've got no idea how drivers work)?

If it supports IFTTT you wouldn't need a driver, just add the IFTTT integration and a virtual device in Hubitat to match it with.

But then we're not keeping the automation local anymore, right?

That's correct. It does not appear that this hub has a public API so a local executed driver might not be possible.

Hi @mattias ,

Just curious to hear if you did anything with the connexoon? I have recently installed some Somfy motors and unfortunately cannot get a Bond hub delivered to Aus. Am considering a connexoon as the next best option. There does appear to be an API for this now, though I assume comm's would still be going out to their servers.


No, I never went with Somfy at all in the end. I ended up getting a Rollease Automate motor for which there is a controller that is operated with dry contacts. I used an Arduino board and Hubduino and was able to keep it all local that way.

Sounds promising re that API though. Should hopefully be easy to get a driver created for it. Good luck :+1:

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