Somfy Connexoon RTS integration

Hi all,
I am new to Hubitat with a HE C7 unit. Would like someone to point me in the right direction to connect with Somfy RTS. I have 16 channels controller (1/2 on blinds and 1/2 on curtains) and a Connexoon bridge unit. Currently, I am using the Connexoon android apk and Google to control and automate the Somfy.
I have downloaded Denny Page's and Justin Walker's driver but have no idea how to proceed further.
Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.

As in you are not sure how to install and setup a custom driver in general, or is it more how to setup this specific driver?

And welcome to the community btw...

Thanks sburke781,
I installed these drivers and they do appear on the driver list. How do I detect/configure my somfy hardware to these drivers?
Most important of all: are they the correct drivers?

No worries. I can't comment on the drivers specifically, I am using a Bond Hub for my Somfy roller blinds instead of the Connexxoon.

I expect you simply need to create a new virtual device, selecting the custom driver as the device driver and then configure the device once created, but I can't be sure of this. Do you have a link to the drivers you downloaded?

These are the drivers:

And Somfy ZRTSII Controller Somfy ZRTSII Node which can be found through HPM but i suspect that they are for US z-wave and i do not have an Z-WAVE to RTS so it won't work.
Could you tell me a bit more about bond bridge?

You are right, the Z-Wave stuff won't be of use for you unfortunately.

I did briefly look at getting a Connexoon when I was getting my Somfy motors, but one of the guys on the Auz/NZ thread was talking about the Bond bridge and it looked interesting. Here's a link to it on Amazon.

It is a hub that plugs into your router / modem for communication via their Bond app, but then talks to devices via RF, including Somfy motors. You can connect your blinds and other devices in the app and then issue commands via the app, schedule actions, etc. I don't use the app very often, I set everything up on my HE hub using the Bond integration developed by another developer here on the Community.

The Bond bridge can also learn commands from RF remotes for almost any device, except those that use a rolling code like Somfy, Bond have to develop those specifically. This was one selling feature for me as I felt the Bond bridge offered me more flexibility to use with other devices down the track, compared to the Connexoon, though I haven't had a need to use this yet.

All that said, from memory I looked up the Connexoon and I thought I remembered an API you could hook into. I'll try and find it for you....

EDIT: Yes, there is one...

Looks like it calls out to the web, which is not ideal, but not a deal-breaker for something like blinds. That was another selling point of the Bond bridge was the locally run commands, I don't believe there is any external comm's when using the Bond bridge.

It does use OAuth2 for authentication, which is something I am vaguely familiar with but have not needed to develop in as yet, but there will be others on the Community that have, so not impossible by any means.

If you want to go down the Connexoon route I'm sure we can get it working on your HE hub.

sburke781, Thank you for your detailed explanation. The bond bridge looks good with direct/local interaction with HE. I think the SOmfy open API is a bit out of my depth. I will keep looking around for Connexoon as I already invested in the hardware but will certainly buy a bond bridge.

No worries. While I think the Bond is likely a better outcome for you, both in terms of the product and the existing integration with HE, I or others here could mostly likely setup a driver for you relatively easily, at least a basic one. For me it would be a good opportunity to learn how to setup OAuth2 for a driver / app. But whatever suits you best, happy to have helped.


Sburke781, If you can setup a basic drivers it would be great. I am happy to be a tester and provide info/feedbacks as request. let me know how to go about it. Thanks

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No worries, I can't promise a time for when I may be able to do it, sorry, should have made that clear in my last post, but I may be able to take a look in the next few weeks.


Hi @Taurion,

Hope you are well and had a good Christmas / New Year.

Sorry I haven't got back to you since my last post, I've been busy with work, life and other HE projects. It is still hard to say when I will get around to starting these, sorry. If I can I'll try to make a start on some of the authentication process over the coming weeks, but I'm still likely to be busy, so still can't make any promises.

If I make any progress I'll let you know.


Thank you Simon,
I understand and appreciate you have not forgotten about it. I also have been away for work in the last 4 weeks so have not anytime to play with HE.

Hi All I hope you are well. I’m incredibly interested in this thread as I too am in the process of ditching ST in favour of HE. One of the final integrations to get up and running is my Somfy Connexoon RTS blinds. I feel like I may have made a slight error in purchasing the Connexoon over the Tahoma controller. Am I to understand that the Tahoma works with HE but that the Connexoon doesn’t unless Simon can work some magic?

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It didn't look too difficult an api to use, so hopefully it won't require too much magic :grin:. I expect my only limitation will be time... Too many of my own projects and other drivers underway.... Happy for anyone else interested to have a go....

If you are considering purchasing another product you may want to look at a Bond bridge. It has a well established Community developed driver, and can be used to control other devices if you have fans, etc.

How did you guys go here. Also bought connexoon bridge to co tell blinds but hoping to make the switch to zwave. I have somfy rts motors and keen to hear how you guys have integrated into HE.

I can't seem to find any Bond bridge. Have these been rebranded to another name?

If you already have a connexoon, then I would suggest finding a developer to work with that API. I keep finding interesting and time consuming side-projects :slight_smile: . If you are willing to outlay more $$, the Bond bridge is still available, see here:

I have not gone down the Bond bridge road yet and still use the Somfy app by itself!
Still hoping there is a solution for HE

Hi everyone,

I also have a Somfy Tahoma and I gave up connecting it directly to Hubitat.
However, what I did was use their own integration to Google Home, and with Hubitat I control my Google Assistant Relay on raspberry pi.
Therefore I can give commands like opening and closing the blinds "indirectly", by sending the open command to google home from Hubitat.

Thanks guys. I might just buy the bond bridge and have both running in parallel if need be.

I purchased the bond hub and expecting delivery next week. Can someone please direct me to a step by step guide on how I can connect bond hub to my HE so that I can control my somfy blinds? I have read alot of posts here but couldn't find one that gives a step by step guide.

I am relatively new to HE and haven't loaded any custom apps or drivers as yet. Thanks so much in advance. Any help will be appreciated.

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