Somfy 2 button controller

I am trying to add a somfy 2 button z wave plus. I have 3 of these that individual control 3 shades. I don't have any other z wave devices or repeaters. The hubitat is right next to these shades. I don't see any instructions on how to connect these but the device is listed as compatible.

I have the 3-button controllers and followed the instructions that came with my Somfy (Bali) shades and they connected fine. I don't remember the sequence to reset the controllers (or shades), but I can probably dig out my copies of that documentation if you can't find yours.

One thing is that while I was able to get them connected to my hub, I was unable to get them to also pair directly to the shades, even though the instructions say that they should be able to do that. This means that I needed to have an automation in Hubitat to receive the button commands from the controller and operate the shades. I ended up using Webcore because there is no driver for the 3 button controller and the only way to receive inputs from the third button while using the 2 button driver was to use Webcore, but you should be able to set up a simple automation using the button controller app to handle your 2 button controller.

Are you trying to pair the Somfy 2-Button Controller with your Hubitat (to be a button device) or to the shades or both? Mine came already paired with the shades and I had to clear that before I could pair the shades with Hubitat (which I did). I have paired the 2-Button Controller with a Hubitat Hub but never tried to pair to both (not sure how that would work anyway).

Yes trying to pair the two button remote directly with hubitat. I have cleared the pairing on the remote and blind but when I select z-wave inclusion it nevers sees the 2-button remote or when I try to include the blind. Total newbie here with the hubitat. Any help is appreciated.

Just to be clear I have cleared the pairing on the blind and remote. I then tried to add a device under z wave manual and when selecting the somfy device under brands. Both options say z wave inclusion which I have selected. I then push the blind control for 3 seconds, blind.blinks green but is never detected by hubitat.

I don't remember having issues pairing. But in general, I don't use the brand selection. I just hit "Start Inclusion" under Add Device Manually and let Hubitat figure out the driver which it usually does. If it gets it wrong, I just select the proper driver in the device page manually.

One thing in general with Z-Wave, is if I am having trouble including something, I go through Exclusion a couple of times with the device. Sometimes you will find that the device thinks it has been paired and going through exclusion clears that.

You don't say if the remote blinks green showing it is inclusion mode.

Another thing I try if a device doesn't want to pair is to reboot the hub.