Someone smarter than me

There are many of you, and lots seem to reside here on these forums.
I have a question, for one of you that might know.

I have a cheap ($99AUD) video doorbell sold by Aldi under the cocoon umbrella cc.

Now, is there a way, anyway, and i'd probably pay for the privilege - when this doorbell is pressed it sends a notification to its smartphone app (you have a visitor).
I would really love to have that button press in the HE system if only to fire some rules / notifications off it. Is there a webhook within the iOS app that I can pull/sniff and I dunno IFFT off a satelite back down to my HE so it can work with me ?

The pros of this thing. No subscriptions, local SD card recording, relatively cheap, currently highly valued in the W.A.R.S. (wife approval rating system).
If the button press can be isolated, the rules I could build off it would maybe even push the W.A.R.S. rating through the roof.. Maybe even enough brownie points I would be allowed to buy a second HE as a backup/emergency unit.

Pls let me know, oh smart ones.

So after reading the manual this device has zero external capabilities for integration. It doesn’t have an API that you can use, doesn’t connect to services like Tuya or IFTTT. So from my initial findings I think it’s a DOA device for your home automation needs. :confused:

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appreciate that @aaron - I was hoping it would as I can access the app externally to view the video feed and the app's iOS notification pings I was hoping there might be a door I could sneak my foot into. Thanks again for taking the time to look at it for me.

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If you have a spare Android device somewhere (perhaps a tablet you're using for dashboards if you're an iOS household), you could probably capture the notification from this device's app with Tasker and then forward the event to the Hubitat Maker API.

It's a bit Rube Goldberg, but sounds like you may not have many other options!


i do have a spare S6 sitting around for testing. Will whip it out and have a look at tasker.

Possibly use auto notification plugin with tasker to intercept the notification then use tasker to flip a virtual switch with the maker api. Unfortunately the auto notification plugin did not give a trial period to test the intercept functionality.

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Can you not just open up the door bell and wire into the button with something like a Fibaro UBS or a contact sensor and have it connected to HE that way? All local and not relying on a web service etc.

Granted you won't have access to the camera / microphone / speaker from the door bell, but it would give you the hook for your automations.

I've done this with just a dumb doorbell as i can't find a decent video one in the UK that supports local storage and already have a CCTV setup recording 24/7.


What about DoorBird?

DoorBird is probably the best option available currently for any smart home integration. I'm planning on a ISY integration and maybe HomeSeer... not sure about that currently.

Aye @andimack - maybe I should update this post to"someone smarter and handier" than me. If I took this thing apart - its likely it wont go back together working. And currently this is the highest valued product under the W.A.R.S. system. (wife approval rating system).
But I like the idea of some DIY.

Those prices are... Out there @jeubanks

@jeubanks Thanks for the suggestion i'll have a look at it.

@stevebott123 if you still have your old doorbell, have a practice on that before you try it on the new one. If you can solder it shouldn't be too hard.
Yeah W.A.R.S or WAF is definitely a big factor in planning or deploying projects round the house.
Hope you find something / a way to sort it.

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