Someone is Coming Down the Driveway Dakota Alert

I have two Dakota Alerts Break Beam Sensors at the end of my long driveway about 50 feet apart. The Dakota Alert BB Sensors feed the Dakota Alert Receiver that has 2 relays with 2 contact sensors wired into them. What is the best way (Rule/Event Engine/etc.) to set up this up so if a car sets off the end of the driveway sensor and then the mid of the driveway sensor it means someone is coming down the driveway. I don’t want it to alert me if they are leaving. This is what I was playing with and it sometimes gives me the announcement if they are coming or going.

Adding a timeout on your wait event should solve the problem.
It will need to be followed by an if condition:

So is the requisite logic and notification as follows ? (say X = 1 minute depending on driveway)

a) notify if the entrance beam breaks ONLY with no prior break of the midway beam in the last X minutes

  • (this assumes you want to know if there is a delivery, loitering, or messing about at your entrance)

b) notify if the midway beam breaks ONLY if entrance beam was broken within the last X minutes

Does this cover all the cases you are after?

I will say, other than trying to avoid deer on the drive I'm not sure I would skip a midway notification absent the entrance break. A lot of times nar-do-wells find a way onto a property circumventing the entrance ...and then assume "they are home free" once on. That midway trigger would be a backup notice of intrusion.