Some scenes not displaying in Motion Lighting App

Hi. I'm new here. I am Using the Motion Lighting App to trigger scenes based on mode in various rooms. I wanted to use scenes for more flexible updating. The issue is that when I go to select the scene based on the motion in the Motion Lighting App, the dropdown is incomplete and doesn't actually list all of the scenes programmed in the system. I can go back to the Scenes App and see that several are complete and captured but not displaying in the list.

Is this a refresh issue? I've seen several places where Hubitat is just slow to refresh and I have to go in and out of menus, but I've tried that already and they still don't populate. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is there some harder refresh that needs to be perforformed somehow?

I'm using a Chrome browser on Windows 10.

I had this kind of issue and am trying to remember what resolved it. Could have been opening and saving the scene....

Also, with the browser, perhaps try incognito mode?

Tried both, but neither seems to make a difference. I have reported this to Hubitat Support but the response was just that it was reported to engineering. I recorded a video of the behaviour and sent it in, but it seems that I can't include links in the forum here for some reason. Anyway, seems to be a bug. Anyone else have any ideas?

When you hit Done in an individual Scene, it registers itself with the parent app. So if one is missing, do that.

Then, open the parent app, Groups and Scenes, and hit Done. That rebuilds the list of Scenes used in other apps.

Hooray! Thanks for getting me unstuck! That got me about an hour further before running into another question. For some reason, I can get the Motion App to trigger different lighting settings per mode (using Casita), but if I try to do Scenes per Mode, they won't trigger. I can trigger the Scenes all individually, I can see the Motion Sensor activating, but I can't get the Motion to trigger the Scene. I tried to attach a screenshot, but it seems like the forum doesn't allow any media.