[SOLVED] Zigbee network is not online [C7]

Since getting Hubitat in August I've seen this message far too frequently but over the last couple of days it's happened so often that it's rendered the hub useless (at least for Zigbee devices which most of my devices are). Rebooting the hub is the only way to get Zigbee working again and even then it may take several restarts in a row (the hub will frequently start up with Zigbee offline). I opened a case with support weeks ago but all they did was forward it to engineering and close it. Is this faulty hardware or faulty software?



I have had this happen in the past and found that it was caused by bad Zigbee devices relentlessly spamming the hub. In my case it was Peanut plugs. It could also be from energy reporting outlets spamming the hub. You should list your Zigbee devices so the community can help you with what devices may be causing it. I suppose it could also be poorly written rule.

NYCE contact sensors (NCZ-3011-HA)
NYCE motion sensors (NCZ-3041-HA)
Kwikset 916 locks
Centralite Smart Plugs (4200-C)
Iris Smart Plugs (3210)
Iris water sensors
GE plug in dimmers (45852GE)
GE Enbrighten Light Switches (43076)
Leviton Light Switches (DG15S-1BW)
Leviton Dimmers (DG6HD-1BW)
Xbee3 as a repeater

Only one device (an Iris smart plug) has power reporting enabled.

I had the same issue, it got better by itself. None of my zigbee devices match yours, except the xbee. There has been speculation the xbees may cause issues.

Try this driver for your xbee, without this driver it's hard to tell when they fall off, and since they route so many devices, when they fall off, many other devices can follow

I've had this problem long before Xbee so the issue is something else.

Just happened again. At this point I regret ever leaving ST. This product is a joke.

Maybe @bobbyD or @gopher.ny can help?

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Could you please send me a PM with your hub's MAC address. I'd like to see what is going on. Is this a C4 hub by any chance?

I can understand getting frustrated but comments like this are not constructive and completely inaccurate.


Nothing inaccurate about it. Any problem I ever had with ST was cloud related. Outside of that I never had issues with the Zigbee radio randomly shutting off or the hub slowing to a crawl until rebooted or the Zigbee radio remaining off after a reboot or device status failing to update on the device's page or a half dozen other things. And I'm not the only one with these issues I've seen plenty of similar posts of these issues both here and on ST forums.


MAC sent and this is a C-7.

Thanks for the MAC, actually you are the first on a C7 hub. There have been similar incidents with a few C4 hubs, and @Rxich is one of them, but we did not have any incidents on C7 shutting down Zigbee without a reason. Generally, a hub that is working overtime to handle lots of errors may shut down the radio to preserve its resources, but that is not your case. You are dealing with a hardware malfunction. A replacement hub is on its way. Thank you for your patience and understanding.