[Solved]Water HSM keeps in an alert loop

After this great chromecast integration I wanted to test it and I choose to wet one of my sensors and discovered that the alert never stop if you have repeat this alert until cancelled turned on, you can click cancel the alert and it will alert you again at the time you specified, 30 secs my case, I had to turn off the repeat. I had to disable the siren too, it was sounding every 30 secs. Not sure if this problem is similar with other alerts like smoke.

You have this set up as a custom monitoring rule or part of intrusion?
If custom, you have an option notify only once within so many minutes. You have to set that higher if you don't want it to notify you so often.

I have it in HSM, it worked but now if I click cancel alerts in 30 secs will alert again.

I turn off this setting and the alert cancelled completely.

I will look into this.

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Is the sensor still wet? You really want it to text you every 30 seconds? You're going to run out of texts pretty fast.

No text, only Pushover, sometimes I'm working in a high noise environment and I want to be sure I get a notification like this or intrusion.

To add, I had the 30 secs in both, text and audio alerts, I disable both then the continued alert stoped

I am not able to reproduce this failure.

Ok, I will try again later, I let you know. Thanks.

Hello Bruce,

I tried again and as you said, I can't reproduce it, but actually I forgot to mention that when this happened it triggered my monitored alarm(calling the police) and turned on a few lights, when I did this test now that happened again, could you look? please

Settings, no siren, no lights, no monitoring trigger

Second rule for closing the valve( too bad HSM water can turn on a light but can't turn off)

But look this, nobody at the Living Room at this time, I was alone in the bathroom wetting the sensor, intrusion was disabled.

And this from the water

Here the trigger to the monitored alarm

One of the lights that was turned on(actually it's a wax lamp)

And the other 3 lights

Before clicking reply I decided to do another test, and found when I click cancel alerts it actually turned on the lights and the trigger! But this time it turned on a different light, Dining Room with the other lights.

Why are this happening? Thanks

The complexity of what you have presented is way beyond what you should reasonably expect someone else to even attempt to comprehend.

If you can present an isolated, reproducible failure, I will investigate it.

Your trigger that is duplicative of HSM is no doubt confusing matters. For one thing, you could base this trigger on the HSM alert, instead of on the water sensors.

Only you are in a position to deal with this complexity. You will have to break things down to fundamental elements that can be individually verified to work or not.

I'm not expecting that you will solve my complex puzzle, but at least any other work arround than ask me to isolate and reproduce the problem if I don't know why this happened, or how to code or interpreting logs or debug, I did not changed anything, just the google assistant (text message).

Anyway, thanks, this teaches me if I'm doing an update I must test every single detail after the update.