[Solved] RM 4.0 not handling locks?


I had a rule using RM 3.0 that would lock my August lock on my front door after the door had been opened and then closed for more than 10 minutes, without being reopened. I converted it to RM 4. 0 over the weekend and it's no longer locking the lock.

Here's the rule:


I have a rule like that in RM4. But it works perfectly. If you press on the actions are there any conditions that might prevent the lock to lock?


No, not at all. The only condition is "Front door closed". And the lock works from its device page.


Do the logs say anything when the rule runs?


Nothing at all in the logs and I have the rule set to log everything. The only time I see anything from this rule in the logs is if I click "Run Actions".


I figured it out. I have an integration for my AT&T Digital Life alarm and I use that front door sensor. Well it turns out that integration died. That means it's not reporting open/close on the door so it never changes.