[SOLVED] Not finding any Z-wave devices

Quick question - I've so far failed to get my hub to discover ANY Z-wave devices. Is there a means of checking that the USB dongle is actually working (sending and receiving radio messages)?

Make sure you do the "Exclusion" first, on the device to clear any setting it might have saved.
After that it helps to refresh the page, then do the "Inclusion".

What is your location? Is your z-wave dongle compatible with the z-wave frequency used by your z-wave devices?

I have had issues excluding devices. Luckily I have two other Z-Wave hubs available to me and I have used those to perform the exclusion process on the devices before I try to add them to the HE. after excluding devices using ST the HE has found devices just fine (there is a bit of a delay with the HE compared to ST, about 2 or 3 seconds more to add/find a device).

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Hi there. Welcome aboard! Please see my PM, I'd like to make sure your Z-Wave radio is functioning properly.

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Just for the benefit of anyone else reading this, it turned out to be a problem with the initialisation of the USB radio stick. Thanks to BobbyD on the staff for guiding me through the reset process and to other posters for taking the time to contribute their ideas.