[SOLVED] Mode lighting issue -- Wrong App for Use Case

Rebuilding everything from scratch with C7. Decided to use native apps as much as possible, vs. WebCoRE. Lights aren’t turning on (see below). When I manually turn them on, after the automation didn’t, the don’t turn off in the morning. Confirmed modes are changing. I have other motion lighting working. Lurton light switch.

Can’t believe I’m having issues with something so simple. :relaxed:

Hi there, thank you for reaching out and sorry for the troubles. When you have a moment, could you please share a screenshot of your app's settings (click the gear icon in the upper right hand)?

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Cool, I’ll give it a try and let you know.

Can you pull me into the beta group?

I did do a test by changing the Day time to start at 9:30, I then set the mode to Evening, it did not turn off the light at 9:30. After waiting a few minutes after 9:30 I tried to trigger it by opening the app and then clicking done.

You didn't setup the app correctly. You must have a switch selected to turn on the lights under Options for lights on.

If you are wanting an app that turns on lights due to a mode change, use Simple Automation Rules. Mode Lighting is used to set levels based on a switch being turned on.

I previously had the switch also listed under Options for lights on, still didn’t work. I am confused by your response, should it work if I add the switch under Options for lights on? On one hand you say I don’t have it setup right and I need to add it under Options to turn on, then you say I shouldn’t use it to turn on the light, I should use Simple Automation Rules.

I might have missed it, but it seems like the instructions for Mode lighting should include that it won’t turn on a light, it should only be used to adjust the level of a light that is already on.

Perhaps you misunderstand the purpose of the app.

What are you wanting to do?

I want to turn on a Lutron switch (not dimmer) when the mode is Evening and turn off the same switch when the mode is Day.

Pretty easy to do in Simple Automation. Can do it based off modes, times, or whatever else you want to trigger off of.

What @lewis.heidrick says ^^^. Mode Lighting is for a completely different use case.

Thank you. However, I’d like to do it based on Modes. Is there a way, since Mode Lighting can’t turn on a light.

You can use modes in simple lighting. Just change the "How do you want to trigger the action?"

Thanks Lewis.

@bobbyD I’m not trying to be a pain. Really just trying to help others and maybe cut down on support issues. The instructions should be updated for Mode Lighting. It is not clear that it only works if the light is already on. The way I read it is that it will turn on lights - but maybe that’s just me.

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Unless I’m missing it, Simple Automation won’t let me turn off based on mode. If I select Also Turn Off When Mode Changes Back, will it turn off when mode changes back to Day the next day, not when the mode changes to Night a few hours after mode Evening, which is the mode that turned lights on.

You have to use two rules, one for turning it on with a specific mode, and one for turning it off with another specific mode.

You could look at the app Event Engine. Allows you to turn a light on when mode x, and off when not mode x. See "Reverse action when conditions are no longer true" setting in screen shot below. Available in Hubitat Package Manager.

Here's the thread for the app as well:

Cool, thanks! I’ll check it out.

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