[Solved] Migrate Lutron Caseta to Pro Hub

I have a handful of Caseta in wall dimmers and the non pro hub working with ST. I would like to move the dimmers to HE. Searched here and found I need the Pro hub, and I ordered it from a link and got it very quickly, thanks to all whom suggested EnergyAvenue. Quick and easy.

Is there some sort of process to move all the dimmers from the old non Pro hub and the new Pro hub? Or is it easy to delete all and start fresh?

I'm not aware of any migration tools Lutron has. However, its pretty easy, I just used 2 different devices, one with the login for the old hub and another with the new hub.

Remove from one, add in second account... Might be a bit tricky if you want to use the same email account.

Each device has to be reset, which happens when you remove it from the old SmartBridge. Then, it's ready to be added to the new SmartBridge Pro.

That did the trick. Removed the devices, but I could never seem to remove the hub whatsoever. Created a new account with a new email, discovered the hub, and went through that crazy button process of factory resetting each dimmer and rediscovering. Awesome, thanks for all the help.