[Solved - Kinda] iOS app update v1.3.2 b163 … Can’t connect to 2 hubs

I debated on even doing but the other day I updated the HE app for iOS to v1.3.2 b163 because I didn’t see any posts about any regressions or breakage.

Now my phone cannot connect to my C7 or C8, it’s just showing the C4.

My phone is on one vLAN and the hubs are on another. But this shouldn’t matter because I had it set up a long time ago for it to work and never ever had any issues.

All 3 hubs are on Connected via Ethernet.

Did something change with the way the app connects to the hubs?

Everything was going well before. :sweat:

Ok just checked and it’s happening on my wife’s phone, seems she updated too.

Not sure what the deal is, but this is the error message when trying to click on one of the “unavailable” hubs.

I took a chance and rebooted both the C7 and C8 hubs, even though everything was working except for not being able to access it them via the HE iOS app.

After reboot I was able to connect.

Extremely strange as the C4 didn’t manifest the issue.