[Solved] Iris Keypad not changing modes when another device has armed or disarmed HSM

I'm using an Iris keypad but ran into an issue. I have the V2 Iris keypad arming & disarming HSM with no problem on its own, but if I arm or disarm HSM with another device and then try to use the keypad it doesn't recognize that another device has changed the HSM mode.

Does anyone know any tricks to get the keypad to recognize the change?

Do you have the keyboard set up inside HSM?

I just updated my HE again because I didn't see those options, it was just empty white space under the "Use keypad to arm/disarm" which seemed strange... Now there are options available, hoping this is the answer, thanks Ryan!

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It wasn't the update but it was related to the page you were referring to.

If you don't have intrusion settings set, the options don't show up...

Once you activate intrusion settings the options show up...

But It's all working now, thanks again for pointing me in this direction Ryan!

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