[Solved] I gotta itch for an update


It’s been awhile since the last update. Starting to get update fever for 2.0.5....I know the answer but gotta ask:

When will 2.0.5 release?

[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers

We were spoiled for sure.


You know I can't answer that... It will be released when it's ready and most likely before 2.0.6 is released. :slight_smile:


Are we doing timelines now?


Might only be an hour before :smiley: Wouldn't THAT throw us all.. 2.0.5 and then an hour later 2.0.6 :smiley:


I said most likely. I didn't say it would be. :slight_smile: Just speculation... Only you know...


Great, here come the questions

Hmm.. I got an idea...


Are we there yet?


Stop joking around and get back to work you two. :yum: I am dying to hit the update button.. lol..


I don't know....are we? Are we close? You know today is 2.6.2019. Are we potentially jumping revision numbers??? :wink:


You can always downgrade and then upgrade.. would that scratch that itch? :smiley:


Good plan... I've been doing zwave repair just to have something to do. Lol


Wow.. that's far more useful than a downgrade... good thinking :slight_smile:


Can we vote on a community timeline? :rofl::rofl:


At least it’s not my fault. Directly.


While we are at it, I would like to propose a complete overhaul of the numbering system itself!!!!

  1. Advance numbering to v10 - it looks like you accomplished more.
  2. Add an alpha character to the end. Why? Don't know, but that seems popular.
  3. Make the build code include the date. It makes the version number longer, which = more impressive.
  4. Publish no release notes of any kind. Clearly your user base is smart enough to find any gems you put in there themselves, right?



Good idea!


More tuning on Z-wave performance to get rid of the random delays we still see? :slight_smile:


The house should be smart enough to too. :joy:


Install the beta code in my house. The wife will find 90% of the bugs in the first hour and remind me every hour until 'know bug exists'=false.

Seriously. She has a skill for finding bugs.