[Solved] I can't make the simplest possible water alert with HSM work


My first post here, sorry if it seems basic, I am operating my Hubitat for the first time.

Here is my setup: I have two SmartThings Zigbee Water Leak sensors.
Both sensors have registered perfectly with the Hubitat, and then I began configuring HSM with the simplest possible alert, send a SMS message when any of the sensors detects water.

The phone number is properly formatted, and I live in Canada, so the messages should get here no problem.

Then I poured water on one of the sensors to test the alert, and nothing happens.

The HSM screen doesn't show any alert, but when I check the events list of the sensor, it clearly shows that it detected "wet".

In the meantime, I can't see anything in HSM's event list...

Interestingly, the event log shows several "disarmed" events, while the title at the top clearly shows "Armed"...

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?



You should be using beer not water :smiley:

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I can't speak to how Canadian phone numbers should be formatted but I know that even when I format my US number correctly I don't get a text. I have only ever received two text messages from my hub and they were both delayed several hours. I think TMobile may be blocking them.

Have you tried using some other notification method? For example, flash a light, talk over a Google Home, send a notification. Since you are new you may not have setup a way to speak or push notifications yet though.

I see, thanks for the info.

I only tried with text notification, as I pretty much don't have any other means of receiving a notification, as I don't have any other smart devices of the kind that can display/speak/other.

The issue is that I don't know how else I am supposed to see if the issue is with the HMS or not, given that the sensors correctly notify the presence of water, but nowhere in the HMS event log there appears to be an alarm of any kind...

You might try Pushover. I found it to be faster to notify and is integrated with Hubitat. When my 7 day trial was up, the choice to purchase was easy.


You don't show the date/time for your event of wet/dry. How much time is between those two. I would suggest first going into HSM and not clicking "use all" but go in and actually see that the sensors are there to select (both of them).

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It turns out that everything started to work just fine.
I swear I didn't touch anything at all, at some point after a few hours I put one of the sensors underwater and sure enough the HSM dashboard reported the alarm and text message showed up... don't you love when computers exhibit non-deterministic behavior? :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks everyone!

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Don't feel bad, I saw the same things with text messages, then magically started working.
Remember the lovely 10/day limit for texts, you'll use that up in 7 minutes of testing

Got it :slight_smile:
For my little project the 10/day limit was actually all right...