[SOLVED] Hub goes offline constantly

I have 9 C7 hubs. One of them is CONSTANTLY loosing communication and going offline. I have tried reboots, I have tried updates, it is a fight to connect to this thing most days.

Is there any way I can stabilize this? Does it need to be replaced?

I suppose that depends on the reasons for the network disconnect. An easy thing you can try on your end is enabling the "Auto-Reconnect" setting in Network Setup, assuming you're using DHCP: Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation

Otherwise, Logs might have additional clues, or Support can see if they can see anything more than you.


Do the automations on it stop, or is it a networking issue where you can't communicate and it is otherwise working?

What color is the light when it stops? Errors in the logs?

What is different on this hub compared to the other 8 hubs? Is there a unique device compared to the others? Does this have a cloud based integration on it?

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Welcome aboard. I sent you a message to get more details about your misbehaving hub.

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By chance have you tried a new high quality cat6 Ethernet Cable with the C7 that is having problems.

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Bobby Had the answer. It seems someone told me to use an IP address they had already used on an access point... Duplicate IP headaches strike again.