[Solved] Home Assistant not getting all entities through Maker API

I am having an issue getting all of the entities from Hubitat through the Maker API. In the pictures below for example, temperature is not being brought over from Hubitat for this specific device. Some sensors are not working in Home Assistant at all. It just shows the status as unknown. The strange thing is that this used to work. I am not sure what broke it but I updated Home Assistant and Hubitat. I also added a camera to Home Assistant, although I doubt that is the issue. I removed the Hubitat integration in Home Assistant and created a new Maker API token, then set up the Hubitat integration in Home Assistant again. So far nothing has fixed this issue. Any thoughts on why this might happen? Maybe I missed a setting somewhere?

I am on V2.3.8.125 using Hubitat C-5
Home Assistant:

  • Core2024.3.1
  • Supervisor2024.03.0
  • Operating System12.1
  • Frontend20240307.0

Hubitat device entities:

Home assistant entities from the same device:

Roll back Home Assistant to the version you used previously and see if it works.

It's not an issue of simply enabling the sensor on the HA side is it? Or can't you even see it in the Hubitat Integration page in HA?

The place to ask the question is in the HA community. It looks like there have been some recent updates of the Hubitat integration. Make sure you are up to date with that (via HACS), 0.9.25 is the current version.


This was the fix. Looks like I need to check into the changes that @bill.d mentioned to the Hubitat integration. Thanks for the info and help here!

I rolled the HA core back to 2024.2.5.