[Solved] Google Home play a song/list comand?

Hi guys, quick question... how (if possible) can I rulemachine a Google cast device to play a song from the internet?

My scenario is, I have a great weak up light set up with RM. Now I want to integrate a wake up sound playing while the sun is rising... bird noise and stuff like that.
Of course I want it just as a base line not as my actual alarm (reliability).
I know how to set up the rule, but I have no idea from where I could stream a song. I tried it with a shared GDrive file w/o any luck.

Do you know the URL you want to use? If so, you can use the playTrack command and send that via the Chromecast beta integration. What you can't do is send a command to the Google Home the same way you would with your voice. That is a limitation of the Google Home, not of Hubitat.

Does Google Assistant Relay on a Rpi work that way for sending commands?

Not these commands. Telling a different google home device (since your GAR server is acting like one) is not supported by the Assistant SDK which GAR is based on. You can only do that from a genuine Google Home device.

Funny, one of the guys I watch on YouTube, sent a TTS to Alexa to say "Hey Google, play..." . Sort of bizarro land though, where one AI gives commands to the other.

Yes, I put a file on gDrive, turned on the sharing option to everyone and tested it. but it didn't work.
I also testet it with GitHub as I read somewhere here in the forum... and it didn't work either.

Maybe the place where I upload is relevant... that's why I asked.

Google Drive will not work because it doesn't expose the raw file. It sends you to a splash page. In Github you have to use the raw file link.

Okey. I think that would do it. I will test it, out of curiosity. For now I have found a solution... I use the NAS functionality of my FritzBox (my modem/router). This way I don't have to missuse GitHub.

Thanks anyway. I knew it would be you who give me a working solution :wink:

I've done something similar by sending a TTS to a Sonos which sits right next to a Google Mini. It is ultra reliable and works every single time without error. It seems GA completely understands the synthesised voice from the Sonos ha ha ha.

You can have Google and Alexa talk to each other too. There was a group that did it first where it worked really well but a lot of gimmicky videos have come out since.

I saw the video where they got the two in a loop one triggering the other constantly lol.

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